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Who is promoting SALT-EU?

Here you will find how the Salt-Eu program works and which actions we are developing.

Promotion OF The participation of Underprivileged Young people of BARCELONÈS NORD IN European Mobility Programs.

1. the mobility through Europe: an added value for the young people.

The European Union is a reality that open new ways in the equality of opportunities as European citizens with full rights. The main aim of the creation of the Salteu program is to facilitate the mobility of the young people of the North Barcelonès. Facilitating the mobility will make possible that the same young person increases their possibilities of professional insertion, that improves its formation in the labor scope and that it increases their level of knowledge of foreign languages. The emancipation spirit foments themselves and causes that they know other realities that foment the construction of citizen young people engaged with the values of the civism, the democracy, and the social participation.

2. how the Salt-Eu program works

These actions are integrated into the Youth Plan of the Consell Comarcal del Barcelonès, to promote the mobility of young people into youth programs. This program consists of three differents actions: with young people into occupational training courses of searching for a job helping them to find a job or a training work period, young people into unformal education and youth organitations promoting new projects into the Youth Program with underprivileged young people and youth workers promoting the participation of themselves into international training courses and international seminars.

These actions are in coordination with the occupational services of the differents city halls of the county of Barcelonès, and the youth services of the Barcelones Area, and the social and youth organitations.

3. SALT-EU: accrediting the european Experience:

Salt-EU program will acrredite the european experience of the young people of Barcelones Nord who will participate into a youth european expecience. We have dessigned a diploma that the Consell Comarcal will issue to help the young people to accredite their european experience.

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